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Just Be You

JustBe is the new skincare experience that promotes overall wellness in mind, spirit, and the body. The time we spend taking care of our bodies is a mindful experience and we’re dedicated to making this experience as soothing, positive, and life-changing as possible. Our products hand-made, vegan and cruelty free.

We take care of the hard stuff so you, can Just Be.

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Our Values

Clean Ingredients

JustBe ensures a beautiful bodycare experience for everyone. Our cruelty-free vegan products are all made with less than 10 hand-picked ingredients.

We never use any phthalates, parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. Check out our product descriptions for specifics.

Inner Wellness

Whether you like to slip into the bath with a glass of wine and a book or jam out to your favorite tunes, you'll find yourself eneveloped in self-love.

JustBe products are simple because we understand life is complex enough. As you get ready to strip off the day, our products will bring you beautiful results without the hassle.

In this moment is a chance, to Just Be You.


We're dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow. We ship all of our products in high quality, eco-friendly, 100% home compostable shipping boxes. Our shipping bags break down with zero waste and can be composted in your home backyard compost pile.

Meet The Founders

Our Story

Hello! We're Nimra and Ashley, two young female entrepreneurs dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people globally. We created JustBe because the current bodycare industry doesn't value nor promote inner wellness with their products.

JustBe is here to change that and more. We create products with universal (yes, you heard that right!) ingredients so our customers can focus on what really matters.

Founder - Ashley and Nimra